Wednesday, June 19, 2024

ADFA Saturday Senior Cup – Roll of Honour

2023/2024Westfield1-1Badshot Lea
Penalties 4-3
2022/2023Badshot Lea2-0Westfield
2021/2022Hartley Wintney5-2Fleet Town
2020/2021No CompetitionCovid-19
2019/2020Competition AbandonedCovid-19
2018/2019Camberley Town4-1Knaphill
2017/2018Hartley Wintney4-1Eversley & California
2016/2017Fleet Town4-2Hartley Wintney
2015/2016Camberley Town2-1Farnham Town
2014/2015Camberley Town0-0Fleet Town
AET – Penalties 4-3
2013/2014Alresford Town4-3Camberley Town
2012/2013Cove3-0Fleet Spurs
2011/2012Ashford Town (Middx)3-1Badshot Lea
2010/2011Badshot Lea3-3Fleet Town
AET – Penalties 4-3
2009/2010Fleet Town5-0Cove
2008/2009Fleet Town4-2Alton Town
2007/2008Fleet Town3-2Badshot Lea
2006/2007Camberley Town3-3Badshot Lea
AET – Penalties 5-4
2005/2006Sandhurst Town1-1Badshot Lea
AET – Penalties 4-3
2004/2005Alton Town3-1Sandhurst Town
2003/2004Farnborough Town2-0Ashford Town (Middx)
2002/2003Ashford Town (Middx)0-0Fleet Town
AET – Penalties 5-4
2001/2002Ash United2-03 RSME Regiment
2000/2001Sandhurst Town1-1Fleet Town
AET – Penalties 4-2
1999/2000Fleet Town3-3Camberley Town
AET – Penalties 4-2
1998/1999Ash United2-0Fleet Town
1997/1998Camberley Town2-0Farnham United
1996/1997Camberley Town2-1Fleet Town
1995/1996Fleet Town3-1Aldershot Town (1992) Res
1994/1995Fleet Town3-1Bass Alton
1993/1994Tongham3-0Bass Alton
1992/19932nd Training Regiment REFleet Town
1991/1992Cove2-0Bass Alton
1989/1990Aldershot FA Reserves3-1Alton Town
1988/1989Farnborough Town Reserves2-0Alton Town
1987/1988Farnborough Town Reserves5-1Bass Alton
1986/1987Alton Town3-1Liphook
1984/1985Liphook5-1Bass (Alton)
1983/19841st/3rd Training Regiment2-1Fleet Spurs
1982/1983Petersfield1st/3rd Training Regiment
1981/1982Liphook2-1Hartley Wintney
1980/1981Hartley Wintney3-1Portals
1978/1979Petersfield2-1Old Salesians
1975/1976Hartley Wintney1-0Aldershot Services
1974/1975Aldershot Services1-0Yateley
1973/1974Ash United1-0Aldershot Services
1972/1973Ash United2-1Cove
1970/1971Aldershot Services4-2Athletic
1969/1970RCT Trg Centre5-2Watchetts
1968/1969RCT Trg Centre7-1Watchetts
1967/1968Aldershot Services3-1Watchetts
1966/1967Aldershot A2-1Aldershot Services
1965/1966Aldershot Services3-0Hale
1964/1965Aldershot A5-2Fleet
1961/1962Aldershot A4-1Alton
1960/19612nd Trg Bn2-1Aldershot A
1959/1960RAMC Depot2-0Aldershot A
1958/19593 Regiment RE1-01 Trg Regiment RE
1957/1958RAMC Depot1-0RAMC Aldershot
1956/19577 TRRE2-1Trg Bn RASC
1955/1956Army Catering Corps5-1Depot ROAC
1954/1955Army Catering Corps2-13rd Trg Bn RASC
1939-1954No Competition held
1938/19394th Royal Tank RegimentRAMC
1937/1938RASC Training Centre5-02nd Btn KOR Regiment
1936/1937RAMC2nd Btn KOR Regient
1935/19361st Btn The 5th Stafs Regiment2nd Division Signals
1934/19352nd Btn Royal Tank Corps4-01st Btn Coldstream Guards
1933/19342nd Btn Royal Tank Corps5-0RASC Training Centre
1932/19332nd Btn Royal Tank Corps4-1RASC Training Centre
1931/1932RE Aldershot2-1ASS/L Bn RE
1930/1931Aldershot Traction Co3-21st Btn Border Regiment
19292nd Btn DCLI3-2Aldershot Traction Co
1928Royal Engineers1-01st Brigade RHA
1927Farnham United Breweries2-117/21 Lancers
192617/21 Lancers4-110th Royal Hussars
1925RASC2-1Aldershot Traction Co
1924Farnham United Breweries1-0Aldershot Traction Co
1923Royal Engineers4-2RAMC
1922Farnham United Breweries3-22nd Btn Grenadier Guards
1921RAMC3-0Aldershot Comrades
1920RAMC3-0Aldershot Town
1915-1919No Competition held
19141st Btn Loyal North Lancs Regiment2-0Queens Bay
19131st Btn Loyal North Lancs Regiment6-2RAMC
19121st Btn Leicestershire Regiment2-0ASC
19112nd Btn Coldstream Guards1-04th Btn Royal Fusiliers
19101st Btn Leicestershire Regiment2-11st Btn Worcestershire Regiment
19093rd Prince of Wales Dragoon Guards
19082nd Btn Royal Irish Rifles
19072nd Btn Grenadier Guards
19062nd Btn Sherwood Foresters
190520th Brigade RFA
1904Army Service Corps
19032nd Btn Royal Fusiliers2-1Army Service Corps
19022nd Highland Light Infantry
19013rd Gordon Highlanders2-12nd HLI
1900Aldershot Athletics Club2-1Royal Engineers
18992nd Royal highlanders B/Watch2-0ASC
18982nd Loyal North Lancs Reg2-12nd Gordon Highlanders
18971st 8th Staff Regiment2-11st KOSB
18961st A & S2-02nd E Lan Regiment
18951st HLI9-31st Wiltshire