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ADFA Saturday Junior Cup 2019/2020

Season 2019/2020

Competition abandoned 16/03/20 due to Covid-19 pandemic

Group A
Sat, 19/10/19Mytchett Athletic5-2Farnborough North End
Sat, 19/10/19Yateley United A1-1Letef Select
Sat, 16/11/19Farnborough North EndA-WYateley United A
Sat, 14/12/19Farnborough North End3-2Wey Valley Res
Sat, 14/12/19Letef Select1-3Mytchett Athletic
Sat, 18/01/20Letef SelectH-WFarnborough North End
Sat, 29/02/20Wey Valley Reserves2-4Yateley United A
Sat, 25/01/20Mytchett Athletic4-1Wey Valley Reserves
Sat, 15/02/20Yateley United A2-0Mytchett Athletic
Sat, 22/02/20Wey Valley Res0-7Letef Select
Group A Table
1Yateley United A4310410
2Mytchett Athletic430169
3Letef Select421157
4Farnborough North End4103-23
5Wey Valley Reserves4004-130

Group B
Sat, 19/10/19Normandy2-1Hartland Athletic
Sat,16/11/19Hartland AthleticVoidFleet Spurs Zeppelins
Sat, 16/11/19Rushmoor Community3-2Normandy
Sat, 30/11/19AFC Laffans3-4Fleet Spurs Zeppelins
Sat, 14/12/19Fleet Spurs Zeppelins1-7Rushmoor Community
TBAAFC LaffansvRushmoor Community
Sat, 22/02/20Fleet Spurs ZeppelinsA-WNormandy
Sat, 25/01/20Hartland Athletic2-1AFC Laffans
Sat, 15/02/20Normandy9-1AFC Laffans
TBARushmoor CommunityvHartland Athletic

Hartland Athletic v Fleet Spurs Zeppelins – match abandoned at 4-0. Both teams found guilty of failing to control their players. Match declared void.

Group B Table
2Rushmoor Community220076
3Hartland Athletic310103
4Fleet Spurs Zeppelins4102-53
5AFC Laffans3003-100

Competition abandoned due to Covid-19 pandemic